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Because of our unique expertise, background and access to people on the ground we focus on the Czech market as a stepping stone to the Central Europe. Czech with its strategic location and as a member of European Union gives the businesses vast opportunities to organically grow beyond its borders into the neighboring countries and whole region. 

We can compare economic and market data of other European regions in relation to Central Europe to identify synergies and connectivity and help you determine the next steps for building your presence in Europe.

  • Market intelligence/market assessment

    • Market overview:

      • size, potential, trends

      • market segmentation

      • factors effecting the market: drivers, restraints

    • Competitive landscape:

      • market leaders and market shares

      • competitive products, pricing comparison

    • Distribution channels

    • Customer profile: demographics, behavior, trends, preferences

    • Regulatory environment: legal, environmental, technological

    • Strategy and analysis:

      • challenges and opportunities: SWOT

      • recommendations

  • Business expansion plan

    • Develop strategy based on market assessment findings

      • Select target markets and segments

      • Develop goals and tactics with assigned responsibilities and time lines

      • Analyze costs and resources needs

  • Partners and distribution channels search and due diligence

    • Detailed profiles of potential partners (agents, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers)

    • Interviews with potential partners

    • virtual or on-site meetings support

  • Business meetings and trade shows

    • meetings set up assistance

    • meetings facilitating

    • on-site support at the meetings and trade shows

  • Cultural training

    • what to expect when doing business in the Czech Republic

    • travelling in the Czech Republic