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Czech Republic in numbers

  • Population: 10.6 Million - almost twice as many as in Wisconsin, compare to the states in the US it would rank the 8th highest;

  • Area: almost 79,000 sq. km - about the size of South Carolina, about half of the size of Wisconsin

  • Location: strategically located in Central Europe, between Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria,, on some of the oldest and most significant land routes

  • Government: parliamentary democracy
  • Capital city: Prague, population 1.3 million

  • Time zone: Central European Time GMT+1, 7 hours ahead of Wisconsin

  • Official currency: Czech Crown (CZK)

  • GDP:  $299.7 billion; GDP per capita: $28,400

  • Member of: European Union, United Nations, NATO, WTO, International Monetary Fund, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, OECD

Foreign trade:

International trade generates significant part of GDP. In 2014 Czech exported $147.3 billion and imported $135.6 billion.

Top 5 export partners are Germany (32%), Slovakia, Poland, France, UK and Austria. Top 5 import partners are Germany, Poland, Slovakia, China and Netherlands.

Top export commodities: machinery and transport equipment, raw materials, fuel, chemicals

Top import commodities: machinery and transport equipment, raw materials and fuels, chemicals

Trade with the US:

US exported $2.3 billion in goods to the Czech Republic in 2014 ($1.9 bill in 2013). It increased by 180% in last 10 years. Czech exported $4.3 billion in goods into the US in 2014 ($3.9 bill in 2013), increase by almost 150% in last 10 years.

  • WI exports to Czech: $88 million, increased by 34% yoy
  • WI imports from Czech: $56 million, increased by 35 % yoy

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Industrial production has very long history and tradition. Nearly 70% of the Austrio-Hungarian Empire was concentrated in Czech. Czechoslovakia was among the world industrial leaders at the beginning of 20th century. Today, Czech manufacturing creates over 37% of GDP with automotive being the largest sector, with 24% of total industrial production.

Other strong industries: engineering, metal products, food industry, rubber industry, electrical equipment, and chemical industry.

Agriculture and Food Industry

Czech agriculture contributes 2.6% to GDP. Main agricultural products are wheat, barley, potatoes, sugar beets, pigs, cattle and poultry.

Fun fact: beer stuff

Factsheet: Czech Republic in Numbers