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Czech Republic gateway to Central Europe

EVAlution Management is uniquely positioned to provide support for companies looking to expand or improve their market share in Central Europe, specifically in the Czech Republic.

EVAlution Management’s president, Eva Solcova Smith, is not only a highly skilled business leader, but she is a native of the Czech Republic, earning one of her two MBAs from Masaryk University and gaining executive-level experience working in international business. Her experience and expertise combined with her understanding of Central and Eastern European culture, current events, and language are an asset to organizations looking to reach this international market.

Why Czech Republic

Czech Republic is the country with long history, stunning architecture and beautiful countryside. Its traditions and culture has been shaped through millennia.

Thanks to its strategic location in the heart of Central Europe and as a member of European Union Czech Republic can be your gateway to Central Europe and European Union.

It's westernized population enjoys high standards of living with an appetite for American products.

Czech has been stable and dynamic market economy for over 25 years, closely integrated with the EU with Germany being its largest trading partner.

It has been one of the most successful CE countries in attracting foreign direct investments.

It has educated and technically skilled workforce with favorable low labor costs (hourly labor costs are at 9.4 Euro the 8th lowest in EU, less than 1/3 of German's level).

It has an excellent infrastructure.

It has a strong tradition in manufacturing producing high quality products.

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