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Financial Skills Development & Training for Owners, Managers and Accountants

Just as a clock tells time, your data tells the story of your business – which products or services are revenue-generators, where hidden costs are eating into your profits, which customers and products are worth keeping (and which aren’t!), and much more.  Without a full understanding of your financial data and knowing how to accurately create and decipher important reports, you simply can’t make the right decisions for your business.

No matter your level of expertise in data analysis or financial planning,  we’ve developed a comprehensive evaluation and training plan that will teach you to make better decisions for a better business.


Business Evaluation

We’ll look at all the information you’re collecting, with a focus on your accounting and financial data. We’ll see what checks and controls you have in place, and look for gaps in your reporting. Once the evaluation is complete, we’ll provide a detailed report and recommend a plan that could include:

  • Financial Skills Training

  • Hands-on expert guidance

  • Implementation

Financial Skills Development & Training

We’ll work with you and your management team to train them how to read, analyze and make decisions based on your financial reports.  For example, we can:

  • Develop custom reports for your business

  • Teach you and your team how to look at “the big picture”

  • Create scorecards and key performance indicators to help you measure progress

  • Provide all the necessary training and tools

Expert Guidance

During the business evaluation and financial training, we may discover specific needs of your business. We will guide and implement important tools and practices that will benefit your business, for example:

  • Create budgets

  • Facilitate strategic planning sessions (setting the goals, assigning tasks and creating timelines)

  • Business segmentation, the “80/20” principle

  • Review current processes, policies and procedures, e.g. disaster recovery plan


Change is hard. After evaluating your business and creating a plan, it's time to put it into action … and stick to it! You can do this on your own, or we will partner with you to ensure success. Remember, our role is to be objective and unbiased; our loyalty lies with your success and the success of your business.


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